Could This Be The Best Drum Groove Ever?


One of the most iconic drum grooves in history is the halftime shuffle on Toto's hit song, "Rosanna", performed by the late, great Jeff Porcaro.

The internet had blessed us with this isolated drum track (along with isolated previews of all of the other instruments) from the original 1982 recording session. Sit back, close your eyes, and enjoy one of greatest drum beats ever recorded.


Here's Jeff Porcaro breaking down the Rosanna drum groove and giving a little history lesson about the source and inspiration:

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    Aira on
  • Fantastic commentary very funny because that’s the way I feel about it . Music is a lot of fun when ya mates get it

    JJ on
  • Why is their pirated audio on this post? Does loopsloft have rights to the original Toto music tracks?

    Aaron on
  • Massive! As was everything he played. His contributions to Tommy Bolin’s ‘Teaser’ record, to this day still, are the standard guide to all rock musicians who topped the charts in the mid 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s… In his teen’s he influenced a generation!

    Sam Mann on
  • Thanks for sharing that, still as cool today as it was the day it came out…

    Kalle on
  • 1. Choosing to decline the free loop pack nearly crashed my browser.

    2. There doesn’t seem to be any mention of the source for this video. Credit to: Christian James Hand, Mark Thompson and 100.3FM KSWD The Sound

    3. Uncredited use of other people’s content as marketing material is pretty lame dude.

    Jason K. on
  • This would´ve been awesome to listen to if there weren´t two guys talking over the ghost notes and finer drumming. I came, I heard nothing, I left. (Shortly after writing this comment.)

    Per on
  • Just ask Boz Scaggs how special Pocaro was.

    Richard Parker on
  • Always loved ToTo best songs,best grooves,,
    Jeff had a great influence on me as a drummer
    Thanks so much Jeff?Keep resting in peace

    Jean paul zimbris on
  • Jeff made everything he played on special.

    Jay Careaga on

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