Bob Reynolds: Making the Most of Limited Practice Time


Have limited time but still want to get your daily practice in? Grammy Award-winning saxophonist and Loop Loft Artists Bob Reynolds discusses finding the balance between consistency and depth. 


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 Bob Reynolds is a Grammy Award-winning tenor saxophonist known for his work with Snarky Puppy and John Mayer. The New York Times called him “a self-assured saxophonist and an unassuming yet effective composer.” An independent recording artist, Bob’s 7 solo albums showcase his melodic improvisational style, tuneful songwriting, and, as the LA Times put it: “hip-swiveling” grooves. Bob’s 2013 album Somewhere In Between, a seamless blend of jazz, blues, rock and pop, reached #1 on iTunes’ jazz charts.

Check out more of Bob's videos at his popular YouTube channel:


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