The Top 3 Blog Posts of 2015

2015 is coming to an end and we're looking back at our Top 3 blog posts of the year.  Find out if you have perfect rhythm, see the most-recorded drum kit in history and learn how to use MIDI & audio loops together.

#1 - Can You Keep Perfect Time?

Wondering how good your time is?  Take the test below and find out if you're a human metronome or a bass player's worst nightmare.  


#2 - The Most Recorded Kit In History

Hal Blaine has drummed on more Top 10 hits than any other musician. Check out the drums he used to make studio magic happen:


#3 - Using Audio & MIDI Loops Together

Technically, this was posted in 2014, but this video about combining audio loops in 4/4 with MIDI in 3/4 really took off in 2015. 




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