Stealing From Stewart


I’ve recently received a lot of requests for more reggae loops. Some via email, some via the comments section and some via the hippie who decided to camp out in front of my house and play his djembe all night. To prevent any sort of rogue drum circle from forming in my neighborhood, I spent the majority of today laying down new reggae infused loops.

I began by setting the click to 166 BPM and experimenting with different delays on the snare channel. This is a trick I picked up from Stewart Copeland and can be heard on more than a few Police songs. The secret to making it really fit in the groove is to set the delay to a dotted eighth note and slightly filter the resulting notes. You can listen to Stewart explain this unique effect in this video (just forward to the 4:00 mark).

stewart copeland 300x213 Stealing From Stewart
Stewart Copeland


Today’s loop is a four bar phrase with one of Stewart’s signature tom fills leading into a crash on the “&” of beat four. 

Preview Here:

Click here to download the WAV, REX2 and AIFF loops.


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    Nikky on
  • Thats more like it. Can we have some one drop please?

    Dave on
  • Great loop.
    And thanks for the delay tip.

    S-B-J on
  • Yes, please – more reggae!

    Chris on

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