How To Play Drums (With Your Fingers) Like John Bonham


Led Zeppelin's legendary drummer, John Bonham, is mostly remembered for his incredible groove and powerful backbeats, but he also pioneered a few signature "licks" that everyone making music should know about.  In this video, I breakdown the John Bonham triplet lick and show you how to incorporate it into a groove.  Whether you're using Maschine, an MPC, a MIDI keyboard or even real drums, this simple lick can be applied to almost any beat making situation.

Want to see more videos?  Just click here!

John Bonham

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  • It’s a Maschine mikro ~£240. Pad controllers connect by usb to pc and communicate with software using midi. Don’t know about ACID, I use ableton however most DAWs work with midi. The mpd218 looks good value but disclaimer, I haven’t tried it or the maschine. I have a launch pad s (not velocity sensitive) and an akai mpk mini. Hope that helps.

    Phil on
  • SO can anybody bring and old guitar player up to speed here on what I need to get by means of “hardware” so I can "play the drums like Bono) I’m assuming that controller must be somehow a MIDI control surface something or other or does it work on USB

    Bernie Gillott on
  • okay so be the dumbest guy in this conversation but I’m trying to get up to speed. I bought the drum director FNK-4 thinking it was going to be, not only software, like my ACID… but a piece of hardware

    I guess I was mistaken. This video rocks !
    What is the name of the piece of equipment that he is playing??there is also one included in the pictures and video of the drum director… Which one do I need to get and how much is going to cost me to be cool like you.

    Okay be cool like he was an unreachable goal … but …

    will it cost to get the hardware so I can play drums like Bono (with my fingers)
    I guess I have to have one to make this happen right

    Bernie Gillott on

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