Tip: How to load Loop Loft Stylus RMX loops into your Spectrasonics library

Loading Loop Loft loops into your Stylus RMX library is super easy and just takes a few seconds. Follow the step by step instructions below (both Mac and PC are provided) and you'll quickly be up and running with our massive library of RMX loops!

To install our RMX loops, place the folder "LL_..." (after unzipped) directly into the "User Libraries" folder located here:

On Mac, the Spectrasonics folder is located here: 

Macintosh HD/Users/<Your Username>/Library/Application Support/Spectrasonics

On Mac OS X 10.7.x and above, the Library folder in each User folder is now hidden.
To find the Users/ Library folder:

Go to the Finder and click the Go menu while holding the Option key. Library will appear in the menu while the Option key is held and you can select it at that point.

On Windows Vista and Windows 7, the Spectrasonics folder is located here: 


On Windows XP, the Spectrasonics folder is located here: 

C:\Documents And Settings\All Users\Application Data\Spectrasonics 


September 13, 2012 by Ryan Gruss
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Mark said:

The folder is hidden on 10.7 and up. To locate the folder do the following: Once you are in the finder press Shift+command+G to bring up the “go to folder” option. Type ~/Library. Once in your Library directory navigate to Application Support/Spectrasonics/SAGE/User Libraries. Place files here.

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Glenn Garrett

Glenn Garrett said:

Hey Mark your instructions were very helpful. I’m on a new OS so I found the proper folder. However the file will not show up in Stylus. It will not allow me to even open the user libraries in Stylus. Not sure how to fix this. Any ideas.
Thx. Glenn


Patrick said:

Had a similar problem to Glenn. Imported into RMX, it worked. Closed and reopened, and the files were not accessible. Now I can’t get them to show up in RMX.


Patrick said:

Found a solution:

“This drove me nuts for a while. On my system, you have to make sure the little SETTINGS button on the upper right under the Spectrasonics logo is turned off (unlit). If it’s lit up, none of my converted loops and home made percussion will show up. Hope that works.”


Ian said:

How to unhide User Library on a Mac OS above 10.7.

1) Go to Utilities in Application menu.
2) Click on and launch Terminal.
3) Paste this command

chflags nohidden ~/Library

4) Quit terminal
5) Click on your user name and you will see Library in the list.


regis said:

I have serious issue trying to load your loop in in RMX with windows 10.

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Volker said:

Hallo, habe die Dateien nach dem entpacken in die gewünschten Ordner kopiert. Win7 ist bei mir der Ordner in C:Programm/Spectrasonic/Sage/Sage Libraries/User Libraries
Leider passiert im Stylus leider gar nichts wenn ich den Ordner User Libraries anwähle.
Hast du eine Idee woran das liegen könnte?


Volker said:

Hello, the files have been copied into the correct folder after unpacking. Win7 is with me the folder in C: Program / Spectrasonic / Sage / Sage libraries / user libraries
Unfortunately, in the Stylus unfortunately only when I select the User libraries folder.
Do you have an idea why this could be?


ralph said:

I bought some bundles from you guys primarily to use with Stylus RMX and when I go to your download page some selections/volumes don’t have an RMX option. Are they just consolidated or am I missing something?



Mike Cowie

Mike Cowie said:

Just downloaded The Platinum Pack. Some of the folders were RMX which I figured I had to go inside and get the LL folders and put them in the user Libraries Folder. Stylus didn’t read the _RMX folders… what do I do …or where do I put… the additional folders called “samples”… or in the case of the HipHopVol 2 Folder there is a folder called "loops: in the _RMX folders? where are these supposed to go? Thanks in advance!

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