Announcing The Hunter/Harland Remix Winners!

The votes are in and it's time to announce the top three winners for the Hunter/Harland Remix Contest!  Competition was fierce and the tracks were all incredible, but in the end, these three remixes came in with the highest overall scores.

Congrats to all of the winners, and a big thank you to everyone who submitted remixes!  The Loop Loft will be contacting the winners directly through SoundCloud to deliver the prizes this week.

1st Place:    
2nd Place:  
3rd Place:

Prizes Include:

September 10, 2012 by Ryan Gruss
Tags: Contest Remix
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Aaron said:

Wow! Huge thanks to the loop loft for choosing my remix! I feel so honored to be apart of this

Aaron Fagerstrom

Aaron Fagerstrom said:


Christopher Philpotts

Christopher Philpotts said:

Hey thanks LoopLoft and all of you who took your time to listen through all of these entries. I’m sure it was not so easy a task. Thanks also for picking my tune to be among the finalists. I am grateful beyond words!

I would also like to send a hearty congrats to all the entries – I thought there were some amazing contributions and I was blown away at the sheer diversity of them all.

All the very best,



SON of MAESTRO said:

Ditto on the WOW!! Thanks Loop Loft and all the judges for choosing my mix for the BRONZE!! I am truly humbled.

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