Video: How to layer kick and snare samples with live multitrack drums


In this video I show you how to quickly layer and "double" multitrack drums in Logic with electronic samples.  This same production technique can be used in almost any DAW (Pro Tools, Ableton, Cubase etc) with plugins like Drumagog or Steven Slate Drum Replacer.

The drum session used in the video comes from Complete Takes Vol 1, but this same technique can be applied to any of our multitrack drum series. 

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  • Eso seria excelente viejo.

    vico on
  • This is a very good layering to make the drums good and phat! I really dig it.

    newsoundfactory on
  • Cool tip there… keep it coming!!

    Kenny Pro on
  • Great tip!!

    I’ll put it on practice today!!


    Zilus on

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