Charlie Hunter Gets "Looped"!

Charlie Hunter Gets “Looped” in New Release from The Loop Loft

— A 1.68GB loop collection that captures Hunter’s genius, and lets users incorporate it in their own productions—

Boston, Massachusetts—June 14, 2012—The Loop Loft ( has announced the release of Charlie Hunter: Looped, Vol. 1, an 859-loop, 1.68GB collection of the guitarist’s 7-string jazzy, funky, soulful and truly original playing. Hunter is renowned not only for numerous critically acclaimed releases and performances with his own group, but for work with artists like Norah Jones, Mos Def, John Mayer, and D’Angelo, among many others.

The collection includes 14 separate and distinct sessions, recorded exclusively for The Loop Loft. The grooves, which are played with all the feel, intensity, and subtlety that are the hallmark of Hunter’s work, include funk, jazz, blues, Latin, New Orleans, and even some dance-music influences. They provide you with a construction kit that’s the next best thing to having Hunter himself in the studio with you.

“If you can't write a tune based on these grooves as the foundation, please consider taking that accounting correspondence course your parents have been hounding you about." —Artist and producer Mocean Worker (aka Adam Dorn).

The Loop Loft painstakingly recorded Hunter’s playing using separate feeds from the two output jacks on his hybrid guitar/bass instrument, taking one from the bass pickup, another for the guitar strings. For each song in the collection, the loops are presented in three different ways: guitar-strings only, bass-strings only, and mixed. This provides you with plenty of flexibility for integrating Hunter’s playing into your music. Want to just use just the bass line from one of his grooves, and provide your own guitar playing? No problem, just import it into your DAW. Love that funky guitar riff he’s playing? Grab the guitar-only version and drag it into your track, edit and go. Or perhaps you like the full guitar/bass groove and want to build drums, keyboards, and other parts around it? Use the complete version.

In addition to being superb production tools, the loops in this collection can be used as a cool practice aid. Play along with Charlie and get a feel for his style. If you really want to dissect what he’s doing, slow down a part—maybe just the guitar or just the baseline—and listen to the subtleties. Hunter covers so much stylistic territory that any player will find it irresistible to break down his playing and try to figure out how he does what he does. (We’re not promising it will be easy, but surely fascinating.)

So take this unique opportunity to bring Charlie Hunter into your studio by purchasing Charlie Hunter: Looped, Vol. 1. This is no cookie-cutter loop collection, this is the real deal. In the words of Mocean Worker, “So, so, so, so funky!"

Charlie Hunter: Looped, Vol. 1 is offered in WAV, AIFF (Apple Loops) and REX2 formats, or as a customized Reason ReFill or Ableton Live Pack. It’s available as an instant download, directly from The Loop Loft, and is 100% Royalty Free.

Charlie Hunter: Looped, Vol. 1
24-Bit, 48 KHZ Audio WAV, REX2 and AIFF (Apple Loops) formats - $49 USD.
Reason ReFill and Ableton Live Pack - $59 USD

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Sara Griggs
Sara Griggs Media 
(310) 821-0801

Charlie Hunter

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