Looking for drum loops in 6/8, 9/8 or 12/8? Check out the "master list"!

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We've been receiving quite a few emails from customers inquiring about which sets contain drum loops in 6/8, 9/8 or 12/8 (or anything that can be subdivided by "three").  To point people in the right direction on their quest for right grooves, I put together this "master list" of all things 3, 6, 9 and 12.   

http://www.thelooploft.com/collections/cinematic-drums/products/everything-but-sticks (the fourth session/audio preview)

http://www.thelooploft.com/collections/complete-takes/products/complete-takes-vol-2 (the third session/audio preview)

http://www.thelooploft.com/products/world-percussion-loops-volume-1 (6/8 percussion..1:50 mark in audio preview)

http://www.thelooploft.com/products/jazz_drum_loop_sessions_vol_1 (1:35 in audio preview)

http://www.thelooploft.com/products/indie-rock-drum-loops-vol-2 (4:00 in audio preview)

http://www.thelooploft.com/products/the-art-of-brushes-volume-2 (3:27 in audio preview)

http://www.thelooploft.com/collections/rock-loops/products/rock-steady-drum-loops-vol-1 (1:45 in audio preview)

http://www.thelooploft.com/collections/rock-loops/products/odd-meter-drum-loops-grooves-volume-1 (1:35 in audio preview)

http://www.thelooploft.com/collections/rock-loops/products/odd-meter-grooves-volume-2 (1:47 in audio preview)

http://www.thelooploft.com/collections/multitrack-drums/products/slow-12-8-blues-loops-multitrack-drums-session-11 (a slower, 12/8 blues session)

Good things come in three.

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  • None of these are a straight-up 3/4 waltz. I’ve just bought the platinum pack and I’m amazed and distressed there doesn’t seem to be even one waltz loop in the entire package. :(

    Kerri on

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