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I've been receiving a lot of emails from users asking how to load their Loop Loft REX2 files into Stylus RMX.  Here's a step by step guide for loading the files into RMX:

• Quit all applications

• Open Sage Converter. It should be located on the Applications folder.

• Click on Import REX Files

•  A navigation screen should pop up. Navigate to the folder where the REX files that you want to import are located.

• DO NOT select the folder itself!! Select the REX files that are inside of that folder instead. You should select all the files inside of the particular folder.

• Hit "Choose" or "OK" and a small dialog box will appear on the SAGE Converter application asking for a name for the new Suite for the REX files.

• Here you label the Suite with the same name of the folder that you are importing the REX files from. For example: If you are importing the REX files
inside the folder "Marcha 130 bpm" just name the new Suite on the SAGE Converter "Marcha 130 bpm"

• You'll have to do this for every single REX folder of the Brazilian Collection if you want the loops to appear organized by the same folder and names in Stylus RMX.

• For organizational purposes there are a few files on the Brazilian Collection that have more characters on their names than the SAGE allows. So when you get to those files just rename them before importing. The maximum characters allowed is 31.

• Once you open Stylus RMX you should find the new imported files folders organized by name with the respective REX files inside of them.

If you have any questions or additional tips, please leave them in the comments sections below!

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  • having the same or simillar problem as noted above. i have succesfully been able to load all folders with .rx2 files already in them however there are 20 directories in the collection i purchased that do not have .rx2 files in them. instead they have loops and samples directories. where there are rx2 files in the loop folder but individual .wav files in the samples directory. As such the sage converter will not touch them and the import rex file function wont touch them either as they lack the requisite “audio” file contained in the correct directory structure recognized by the IMPORT REX FILE function of stylus.

    the affected folders in the collection i purchased from you are:

    Ideally i would like to request that you provide properly formatted versions of these folders. in the alternative can you provide at least a step by step instruction document allowing me to convert these folders to the proper format and then import them to the stylus user library.

    please advise asap as i am in the middle of producing an album for a client and would like to be able to utilize these folders in that production.
    Bob Madsen
    The Highlander Company Records, LLC

    bob madsen on
  • just purchased
    Downloads for Order 127906

    Trouble downloading?
    Right click the link(s) below and ‘Save File As…’ or ‘Save Target As…’ or try a different browser like Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.
    Simon Phillips – Session Tracks Stylus RMX
    LL_SimonPhillips.zip (652 MB)
    Wide Open Drums Vol 1 Stylus RMX
    WideOpenDrumsV1_RMX.zip (408 MB)

    tried to load in stylus RMX sage converter keep getting message no Rmx Rx2 files found? cannot load files?

    kieran otoole on
  • Hi all. This info’s actually a little out of date. According to Spectrasonics the button no longer functions in MacOS (!). You now have to drag the folder containing each batch of files to convert directly onto the GUI of Sage Converter. Info here:


    JC on
  • To everyone having problems importing their REX2 loops, please watch this video I found on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxEHyMdWk6A
    It worked for me!

    Drum Logik on
  • I just purchased 285 USD of Loops in REX2 format and RMX format. The “platinum packett” Stylus RMX 1.9.3 does not see any of the files I can not open the user libraray.

    Im using win7, Cubase 8 and Stylus RMX 1.9.3c …. I hope this will work – and I must say install is too technical and referred to as “no problem” Nothing is working here.

    Stylus RMX work well with expansions form spectrasonics – no problem there.

    Ive tried the procedure http://www.thelooploft.com/blogs/ryans-corner/4733012-tip-loading-rex2-into-stylus-rmx

    and this http://www.thelooploft.com/blogs/ryans-corner/6567287-tip-how-to-load-loop-loft-stylus-rmx-loops-into-your-spectrasonics-library

    help please

    Finn Bjerke on
  • Hello !
    I convert the REX File in SAGE Converter. but when i open stylus rmx in my cubase 5 . the file is showing but no playing. Can anybody help me .

    Danial on
  • I MAKE A REX FILE IN RECYCLE .. AND ALSO SHOWING IN STYLUS RMX But show a audio file just folder is showing … i am confused , what i do

    DANIAL on
  • Hi Ryan,
    I tried loading Future loop Jazzy Drums Rex files into my RMX Stylus and could not see any files in the User interface in Stylus. Is your procedure only good for Logic? What am I doing wrong. I use a Mac OS10.7.

    Kevin on
  • l have managed to get the rex folders into the user libraries and now they actually show up in rmx but the samples and names within the folders are not appearing using 1.6 sage converter and latest RMX

    Logic 9.1 MAC OS 10.7

    aniff on
  • Hi Ryan!
    I want to purchase the Bundle of Brushes to use with Stylus, so I downloaded the free loops to make sure I knew how to add REX files to the SAGE converter, which I was successful with. When I went to purchase today, the select format drop down menu gave me an option for Stylus RMX as well as REX files. Would loading the Stylus RMX files be the same as loading the REX files?

    Tim Paul on

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