Want to Hear Stevie Wonder’s Live DEMO of the Song He Wrote for MJ, “I Can’t Help It”?


Are you ready for your musical discovery of the day?  Check out this demo of Stevie Wonder recording the classic song, "I Can't Help It", before he handed it over to Michael Jackson.  The finished "official" version of this song can be heard on Michael's 1979 album, "Off the Wall".

Our favorite part?  Stevie making up words (and random sounds) on the spot... many of which, never made it to the final version, but all served the purpose of delivering his incredible melodies to tape.

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  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Innervisions

    Gijs Andriessen on
  • This song is NOT on the 1973 record Innervisions.

    Gijs Andriessen on
  • Actually during the recording of “Hotter Than July” for which the Jackson5 appeared on, Michael begged Stevie for this song and in the credits Stevie thanks Michael for being a positive pain. This song was not on “Innervisions” as Georg stated, however Stevie did sing this song at the UNCF awards show.

    Wes Smooth on
  • Damn, that was incredible! Would be nice see Stevie add this to his repertoire. I’ve seen Stevie a couple of times in concert and would be very cool to him perform it.

    James on
  • Just to avoid misunderstandings:

    Michael Jackson’s version has been released with ‘Off The Wall’ only 6 years after Stevie Wonder’s original recording, which can be found on ‘Innervisions’ from 1973.

    Georg on
  • sounds like a live rendition remastered by the latest software, stevie performed this song a lot of times after it was given to michael. while he was still alive too.

    satta on
  • luv this it’s edgier…but you can hear why he gave the song to mj…

    Tomlin on

    José M* on

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