Reason - The Echo, Pulveriser & Neptune with Loops

Here's a quick video demonstrating how to take a rather traditional drum loop (taken from our Cinematic Drums ReFill) and utilize some of the awesome racks in Reason (The Echo, Pulversiser & Neptune), to completely change the vibe.

Nice Rack - Reason 6
October 03, 2011 by Ryan Gruss
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anthony said:

nice video. it just kicked off a ton of ideas in my head!!! i just wish i waited a bit on getting the bundle so id have all those new reason 6 presets and combinators.

The Loop Loft

The Loop Loft said:

Hi Anthony,

Check your email – We’ll help you get the ReFills that have been added to the bundle since you purchased it.



anthony said:

Ryan you are unreal!!!!! thank you so much the only thing better than your loops and content is your prompt and awesome customer service!!!!


Eze said:

What is the real price of the flutes of fire loops

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