Video Tutorial - Mixing Multitrack Drums


Sit down, grab a drink and make yourself comfortable.  This will take a while.  In this 24 minute long video, I walk you through some of my own drum mixing techniques, demonstrated with our latest Multitrack Sessions release, Lucky Sevens.  Again, I'm using Logic for this tutorial, but all of these basic principals of utilizing EQ, compression, gating, reverb etc can be utilized in any DAW (Pro Tools, Ableton, Reason, Garageband, yaddy yaddy yadda...).

And if watching a guy mix an odd meter drum session wasn't exciting enough, there is a surprise guest appearance by the police.

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  • I’m Just getting into LOOPloft..The packages are great and these videos are eye opening!
    to balance your skills is so important.
    I stay excited by learning,This is a Great service to Musicians. Thank you so much!
    Ed Genovese Composer…

    Ed Genovese on
  • Hey there!

    i am not a pro but can say that this mixing style is a “beginner” level.
    Dont know what a compresor does, dont know how to manipulate an eq correct. Sorry, i hoped to learn something but now i thnk you have to learn something ;)
    Nevertheless its a good mix. cheers!

    lex on
  • This was very good. I will probably come back and review it as I continue to learn. I noticed that you have to set the tempo to equal the settings on the drums. Is there a way around this? Say I wanted to have a tempo of 95BPM and the drums are at 63 or 144. If there is another video let me know.

    Tom on
  • Very instructive. I learned a lot! Would love to see this done in Reason 7. Cheers!

    Paul Perkes on
  • Im a studio arranger& musician, i can say this is one of d best tutorial ive seen! Good dr loop, & most important this guy’s got a good ear!!! Good musician…cheers!

    alex cruz on
  • Thank you Ryan, a very useful tutorial showing treatment for each drum track in a cohesive mix.

    Akos on
  • Stay with this guys, you’re helping a lot of ppoele.

    Patch on

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