Video: Making Acoustic Drums Sound Electronic


Drummer, composer and Loop Loft artist, Mark Guiliana (Brad Mehldau, David Bowie, Meshell Ndegeocello), walks us through a some tips and tricks for emulating drum samples with an acoustic kit and a few toys with live-band examples featuring bassist, Jonathan Maron. From preparing the snare drum with a cymbal, to deadening a floor tom with a secondary head and stacking cymbals on top of each other, these are just a few ideas to help inspire you to find new sounds from your old kit.

Want Mark's eclectic blend of rhythm and sonics on your next production?  Then be sure to check out his critically acclaimed loop and sample collection.

Mark Guiliana

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  • Why would anyone want to do anything? Subjectivity, perspective…

    What if “red” looks completely different to two people?

    Subjective Inner Worlds on
  • why would you want to do that? Electronigs sound like crap.

    Len on

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