Legendary Recording Studio Pics - Part 1

Who doesn't love seeing cool pics of amazing, vintage recording gear inside some of the most famous recording studios in history?  Just thinking about the amount of hit songs that worked their way through those old preamps onto the tape machines can boggle (and inspire) the mind.  We at The Loop Loft love checking out these "behind the scenes" studio photos just as much as you, so that is why we've put together this first installment of "Legendary Recording Studio Pics".

First up, a look inside the original Motown Studio, aka “Hitsville U.S.A.", circa 1964.  A former photographers' studio, it was purchased by Motown founder Berry Gordy in 1959 & converted into both the record label's administrative building and recording studio.

Berry Gordy, Jr. at the helm.

Next up, Abbey Road's famed Studio 2, where a little known band called "The Beatles" made a smattering of small hits and and mostly forgotten about albums.  But hey, at least they enjoyed some good Chinese food while doing it (see bottom pic).

Cool?  Doesn't it make you want to bust out some ribbon mics, twist some oversized knobs and pull some levers (instead of lame, automated faders)?  

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