Polynesian Nightmare - Deconstructed

In today's post, in what is unintentionally turning out to be a lunchtime video lesson series, I'd like to share a clip from an instructional video that changed my life, Jens Hannemann's Complicated Drumming Technique.  If you own a set of rototoms, a mounted gong drum(s) or more than one Steve Vai album, then you'll find this video to be chocked full of useful tips that you can then share with your customers at Guitar Center.

Enough of me talking...  it's time for Jens to breakdown the rhythmic masterpiece that is "Polynesian Nightmare".  And don't forget:

"It's a little more of a groove than it is a rock beat."

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  • Holy Crap – who would’ve thought that Fred Armisen (http://www.fredarmisen.com/) could rock so hard!

    Also – maybe it’s just because I’m a dumb bass player – I don’t hear Motown in ANYTHING he is doing.

    matt on

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