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Wondering how to get the most out of Drum Direktor?  Every day we'll be adding a new 15 second clip to our Instagram account demonstrating some great tips and tricks for working with the loops, samples, drum pads, step sequencer and effects.  Want more info on Drum Direktor?  Click here to view the product page.

Drum Dirketor Tip Of The Day #1: Adding more cowbell by slicing it from a loop.

Step 1. Find a drum loop with cowbell in it. Step 2. Turn loop mode off and adjust the slice marker to trigger a single cowbell sample. Step 3. Use the step sequencer to create a hi hat-ish pattern using the cowbell sample.

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Drum Direktor Tip of The Day #2:  Get hi-fi with the low-fi

1. Load lo-fi loops and hi-fi samples into the pads. 2. Trigger them together via the step sequencer. 3. Voila. An entirely new groove.

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Drum Direktor Tip of The Day #3:  Get synthy with acoustic samples

Step 1. Find a short, acoustic drum sample with the drum pads.  Step 2. Use Drum Direktor's internal filter, bitcrusher, drive and pitch shifting knobs to create melodic & "synthy" rhythmic stabs.  Step 3. Use the step sequencer to create melodic grooves inside of the drum beat.

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About Drum Direktor

The ultimate beat creator is here.  Introducing Drum Direktor FNK-4 from The Loop Loft.  A revolutionary loop player, step sequencer, drum pad player, effects unit and mixing station, all in one instrument.



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  • Trying to use it in Cubase 9.0.20, on Mac 10.12.5. Cannot get it to sync. It starts and stops, but does not play in the same position when I hit start on Cubase. Any tips?

    karlfest on
  • Does anyone know how to load samples onto the drum pads? i’m finding this a bit hard to use

    Matthew on
  • Do you need freakin internent to use this thing?

    Rashah on
  • I was under the impression you could use samples and loops from Loop Loft collections (Indie Rock Drums, Dry Drums, Joey Waronker, etc.) with Drum Direktor, in addition to those pre-packaged with the software. Is that not the case?

    Jeff on
  • will drum director work with reason? need an answer fast.

    Tony kelly on
  • I posted this email essence once before but I haven’t got an answer
    Basically, and it may be my fault, but I can’t load the Loop Loft products
    I only can load the samples provided in the Drum Director
    Please tell me what I’m doing wrong

    Joe on
  • Yes.. a detailed tutorial would be great.

    Zipper on
  • Yes, +1 on detailed video tutorials for Drum Direktor. It has great potential and glad I bought it, but would be good to get to know the basics and the intermediate usage of it.

    Velanche on
  • hi, I’m finding it difficult to get my head around at the moment. is there any detailed tutorials to help me understand this concept in conjunction with kontakt player.

    louis on
  • I love it


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