Behind The Scenes - Joey Waronker Drums

We've been receiving a lot of questions (and compliments) about the production of our new Joey Waronker Drums collection, so we wanted to give you a quick "behind the scenes" look at the recording process. The sessions took place at The Bank studio in Los Angeles in May of 2014, while Joey was on a brief break from touring with Beck.

We were lucky to have Grammy-winning engineer, Darrell Thorp (Radiohead, Beck, Air) behind the console, and the sonic results speak for themselves. Using a vast collection of vintage Neve preamps, boutique microphones and experimental placements, the result is some of the warmest, punchiest and most musical 14 channels of live drums we've ever recorded.

With 2 channels devoted to the kick, users have the option to mix in a more "traditional" internal kick mic along with an inverted NS-10 sub on the outside of the drum, giving you limitless amounts of low end beneath the attack. Two mono overheads give options for clean and distorted tones, while two additional room channels allow easy access to a much "bigger" drum sound and stereo imaging.

Every drum (and hi hat) was close mic'd, giving users complete control over individual eqs, effects and gating, while (our favorite of the 14 channels) a hyper-compressed AKG D19 gives that magical Abbey Road/Ringo "smack" to the mix.

Whether you're a seasoned producer or new to multitrack recording, The Joey Waronker Drums collection provides some of the best sounding (and performed) live drums available anywhere. With a combination of Joey's signature touch on the drums and Darrell's golden ears on the other side of the glass, this is a special collection of grooves and samples fit for almost any production.  Click here to preview the drums in more detail.

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