Free Rhodes & Wurlitzer Loops Feat. Jonah Smith

We're happy to bring you some incredible (and free) loops using vintage Rhodes and Wurlitzer keyboards from an old friend of The Loop Loft (and amazing musician), Jonah Smith.  The 78 MB download contains loops in REX2, AIFF and WAV (24bit/48kHz audio) formats, so you can use the loops in any music software.

Click here to download the loops!

Want even more free loops?  Download our 225 MB demo pack!


 Watch Jonah on America's Got Talent (and vote!):

August 19, 2014 by Ryan Gruss
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Joe M

Joe M said:


Thank you very much…!

Bryan K

Bryan K said:

Good Luck Jonah!!! Thanks for the LOOPS


raheem said:

i see big things for you my brother !!! peace…..

Not me

Not me said:

Been waiting along time for the loft to put out some good piano loops.
Great loops!


junghyunsoo said:

good! thanks


junghyunsoo said:

good! thanks


junghyunsoo said:

good! thanks


Makh said:

Thank you very much!!

Bob Ryan

Bob Ryan said:

Love these. Give me more. A set like this I’d buy in a heartbeat. But please… some more complete progressions

Renatus G

Renatus G said:

Yeah!!! Very,very,good! Thanks!!!

Arthur & Fiona Cristian

Arthur & Fiona Cristian said:

Thanks Ryan and thank you John for sharing these loops with us. Very grateful.

Keith Gee

Keith Gee said:

Thanx a million Jonah; Best of luck.

John Curd

John Curd said:

Good Luck tonight, and THANK YOU!!

Fusion 3000

Fusion 3000 said:

Jonah, Good luck to you, stay focus with what you love doing, the most important is your family. For you and many of us music is what we wish to do in life but it’s not always possible to make a decent living and stay close to those we love dearly, we have to make a choice. Your music is very commercial and people will be so happy to listen to you. You are great and I love what you do. Once again the best of luck to you.
Please visit my Website you will understand that you do have many options available to you.
Gerry Labelle
Fusion 3000 Publishing Inc.


Senthil said:

I don’t get why people find? that woman anyinong. She actually makes it more entertaning and her voice is like another instrument. But she does go a bit over the top at the end, and even Louis Armstrong finds her to be a little anyinong at the end.


Eko said:

Satchmo known for keeping that rag to wipe his mouth baseuce he played that trumpet for so long that it affected? his mouth. Shows how much dedication the man had baseuce I wouldn’t play anything that affected my body.

steve urwin

steve urwin said:

Thank you very much


Sandra said:

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