Make Music? Enter our Battle of the Bands for a Chance to Win $1000


Here at The Loop Loft, finding new music keeps us going. And with so many of you making great songs, we're eager to hear what you've got. So we've decided to throw a monthly battle of the bands for artists like you to submit their music for consideration. Every month, we'll pick someone's song who really resonated with us, and they'll get written up on our site and will win a $1000 gift certificate to our shop.

We should mention that "Bands" is a loose term. Soloists, producers, and autonomous robots are welcome to apply too. To enter, simply add your music to our Soundcloud Group. Please only submit one track per month, as we'll be listening to everyone individually to vote and need to sleep at some point in the month. 

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  • The the battle begin, strike up the band.

    Miteydread on
  • The the battle begin

    Miteydread on
  • i like to join this battle

    abdul razak yanggang on

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