Download our free Ableton Live FX rack "Filter Wars"

We're excited to announce that we'll be releasing free Ableton Live FX racks to add even more variety to your Loop Loft sounds. Our first download, "Filter Wars"is great for percussive content, as well as synths with a wide frequency range as it pairs a low pass filter with analog style drive along with some delay for a gritty spaced out sound that can be layered under tons of sounds.



You can use the grit knob to add more saturation to your signal, while the FREQ and RESONANCE knobs adjust the cutoff and Q of the HighPass filter. The Delay rate adjusts a tempo synced ping pong delay that will flutter the wet signal around the ears. The Dry/Wet knob adjusts the overall blend between the original and wet signals. Try automating the Dry Wet or assigning it to an LFO for really interesting textures.

Click here to download the free Ableton Rack. To save, simply drag the FX rack to whatever section of your User Library you choose.



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