The Loop Loft All-Stars Live in NYC


We gathered an all-star lineup of musicians from The Loop Loft to set up and play at Guitar Center in NYC.  No rehearsal.  No agenda.  Just the world's best musicians, getting on stage and making music in the moment.  The result?  Watch below:

The Loop Loft All-Stars:

Omar Hakim - Drums
Eric Harland - Drums
Mino Cinélu - Percussion
Charlie Hunter - Guitar
Doug Wamble - Guitar
Mark Kelley - Bass
Bob Reynolds - Sax

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Full Performances:

7/8 Drum Battle w/ Omar, Eric & Mino

"Can't Wait for Perfect" by Bob Reynolds


Omar Hakim

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  • Please release that session. I’d love to chop that up into something else!!! Great performances by all!!

    J. R. on
  • Okay, that was awesome!

    Steven on
  • Release the whole session

    Lethal on
  • tight!!

    Gloria Amaral on

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