MIDI Drum Loops for Dummies - Your Guide To Grooves & Sounds

Are you new to MIDI drum loops?  Are you wondering how to create arrangements using different loop grooves and fills?  Then this is the video you've been waiting for.  We show you how easy it is to drag and drop MIDI drum loops into any DAW (Logic X in this case) and create your own song arrangements.  We also go into detail about selecting drum sounds and layering multiple drum kits on multiple tracks.

Need some MIDI drum loops to get started?  Check out our entire collection here.

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  • It’d be great if you could just have the loops available in the lists found in EZDrummer or Addictive Drums rather than having to open a separate folder to drag and drop into the DAW. G

    Bob L. on
  • I swear I was going to call you guys. I learned about you through Instagram and was going to buy some things… And then realized I wasn’t sure how to work with it. This is exactly the instruction I needed. I now realize that one thing I thought I needed, I don’t need… And another thing I wasn’t sure about I am now quite sure I should get from you . This was a very useful message and set of instructions
    Jensen Bell on
  • A very cool teaching video for Newbs. Thanks

    Melvin on
  • I’m not sure how you brought the Loft files into the drum track. Can you explain that more? Thanks

    steve on
  • Really enjoyed it and very informative and always excited to look forward to more.thank looploft for your efford and making my drumlife easy…Waiting on More

    Cyril on
  • Very Informative..

    kelvin on
  • Great video, and sense of humor. :)

    Matthew Yates on
  • Enjoyed the video, very informative.

    Colin Morris on
  • Thankx..

    Gogoi on
  • Great tut! More please!

    Mbliss on

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