MIDI Drum Loops for Dummies - Your Guide To Grooves & Sounds

Are you new to MIDI drum loops?  Are you wondering how to create arrangements using different loop grooves and fills?  Then this is the video you've been waiting for.  We show you how easy it is to drag and drop MIDI drum loops into any DAW (Logic X in this case) and create your own song arrangements.  We also go into detail about selecting drum sounds and layering multiple drum kits on multiple tracks.

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February 15, 2014 by Ryan Gruss
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sava kuzmanov

sava kuzmanov said:

Great video. Thank you. Love the subliminal picture jokes.


Mbliss said:

Great tut! More please!


Gogoi said:


Colin Morris

Colin Morris said:

Enjoyed the video, very informative.

Matthew Yates

Matthew Yates said:

Great video, and sense of humor. :)

Norman Saleet

Norman Saleet said:

Opening this email
from The Loop Loft was most definitely a welcomed, an very informative surprise!!!
Yup! This is a keeper! ThxLoopLoft:) Now Ya got me looking forward to more:) Norman Saleet


kelvin said:

Very Informative..


Cyril said:

Really enjoyed it and very informative and always excited to look forward to more.thank looploft for your efford and making my drumlife easy…Waiting on More


steve said:

I’m not sure how you brought the Loft files into the drum track. Can you explain that more? Thanks


Connie said:

Great video, very funny… Only problem, when I use your drum tracks, they don’t work the way this video says they do.
They don’t stretch into longer lengths they stay the same length as they’re recorded. So I end up with drums, then no sound… I haven’t got time for this.


John said:

It is a good video but does not explain how to load up in to the DAW. I have Cubase Elements and am struggling to load up The Platinum Pack. Not sure on what to do with the ZIP files and what directory to put them in. That would make the video more complete. It is not obvious to newbies!


Brialtous said:

Why can’t I find a drum software containing Jazz, Swing, 60’s big bands etc ???


Melvin said:

A very cool teaching video for Newbs. Thanks


Sean said:

This is definitely not for “dummies”. They use all kinds of words that you won’t know if you’re not a midi person. This is definitely not entry level. It may be easy if you’re familiar with midi but if you’re not familiar with midi you may not understand what it’s about as it assumes you already know a lot of about music production. Not for beginners.

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