#LoftLessons: Blending Drum Loops and Programmed Drums in Ableton Live 9.5

We're pleased to introduce ‪#‎LoftLessons‬, a regular tutorial series focusing on production and mixing techniques you can start implementing today. 


For the first lesson, we'll take a look at blending drum loops and midi programmed drums in Ableton Live 9.5. Layering drum loops and breaks over your programmed drums is a great way to add a humanized feel and texture to your music. Today we're going to use Sidechain Compression, Live's newly designed Auto-Filter, some reverb to add movement and spatial fx to a loop from our Funk Essentials Vol. 4 collection.

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Robert Parker

Robert Parker said:

do you have a video on using loops with ez-drummer in pro tools?

Robert Ellis

Robert Ellis said:

Great idea, and useful tutorial, for any daw which uses side chaining, but would still be useful to do a specific logic X tutorial, probably including the “instant” logic drummer.. along with the loop loft loops..

John waz

John waz said:

Yeah using ezdrummer massive library and loop loft loops tutorial on using them together would be excellent


Yuri said:

It’s a good feeling to know that we have compadre’s who are interested in helping us to excel in this success-elusive industry. Yes. You’re selling product. BUT, you’re teaching. Thanks again! Your technique was inspiring. thanks!


Neko said:

спасиво клифф! A good tutorial

al x

al x said:

thanks guys, looking forward to more of your cool vids.
keep up the awesomeness.

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