Introducing the Waves BSS DPR-402 Compressor / Limiter / De-Esser Plugin

A staple piece of gear born out of the UK in the 80s, the BBS DPR-402 from Brooke Siren Systems was known for it's flexibility, color, and ease of use in live situations. Live drum sounds and amplified recordings tend to sit well in the compressor and limiter, even with errant peaks, and as such, many live rooms used it as a workhouse for taming levels. The plugin version takes advantage of the digital domain's flexibility, adding a MS Matrix, Mix Control and Noise Control.

The BSS DPR-402 can be used as a straightforward compressor, limiter or de-esser. But it really shows its colors when these processes are combined, and when it is used to selectively process individual parts of the audio band, leaving the rest of the spectrum untouched. The endless possibilities range from low-frequency expansion and narrow-band compression to general dynamic equalization to create surprising enhancement effects.

To read more about the BSS DPR-402, visit Waves Audio. Engineers looking for sessions to practice on should check out our Multitrack Drums.

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