Watch Mark Guiliana perform "Spirit Animal"

Watch Mark Guiliana perform and break down his dub influenced groover "Spirit Animal". 

Recorded live at Rockwood Music Hall May 5, 2012 

Mark Guiliana - drums, electronics, Chris Morrissey - electric bass, Jason Lindner - keyboards, Steve Wall - electronics

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rab Mark's drum sounds here

DI Boxes Go Wireless. Presenting the BT-Pro

Wireless connectivity has allowed artist a new degree of freedom and flexibility on stage. The team at Radial Engineering has announced the BT-Pro, a Bluetooth enabled DI Box aimed for professional use with a range of up to 60 feet. Read the official specs below or at the product page:

The BT-Pro is a Bluetooth® direct box designed to capture the wireless transmission from a Bluetooth® enabled device and convert the signal to a balanced line for use in a PA or recording system. It employs an innovative T-shaped access cavity behind which is located the antenna. This is protected by a milled insert made from Sintra® – a rugged closed-cell PVC - that permits the wireless transmission signal to pass without interference, allowing reception distances to 20 meters (60') under ideal conditions.

The audio signal path itself employs the latest Bluetooth wireless A2DP interface over 2.0 EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) for higher speed transmission to deliver optimal audio quality. This standard employs a 16-bit wireless compressed format with the actual bit rate determined by the transmission source material. Inside, the BT-Pro converts the data to a stereo analog signal, producing up to +4dB at the output. The signal level is controlled by a front panel potentiometer that is shared with the built-in headphone amp with standard 3.5mm mini TRS that is used for trouble shooting. For greater flexibility, a stereo-to-mono switch sums the stereo output for dual-mono operation to reduce input channel requirements on the mixer or to share the signal between separate systems. Should noise be encountered, two side-mounted isolation transformers may be inserted into the signal path. This is augmented with a ground lift switch for the XLRs to further help eliminate hum and buzz caused by ground loops.

Connecting to the BT-Pro is easy. The BT-Pro is powered by an external 5V supply via a mini USB port and may also be powered from a laptop or USB hub. Once turned on, two top-mounted LEDs will toggle as it awaits paring. Turn on your Bluetooth device and its transceiver sends an initial pairing message to identify the BT-Pro. This will show up as 'RadialEng'. A connection pass code is then used to initialize the connection. This important safety feature ensures other nearby Bluetooth devices cannot 'pollute or hijack' the system. Once paired, the BT-Pro's red LED will remain illuminated and undulate to blue to let you know the two Bluetooth devices are talking to each other.

(Video) Pioneer Toraiz SP-16 Sampler Hardware

As many producers look for gear that doesn't require a computer, the Pioneer Toraiz SP-16 Sampler is one of the most anticipated items dropping this summer. With filters based on the Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 6, and 16 sampler engines, there's a lot of flexibility for changing the timbre and tone of whatever samples or kits you use in real time. For a preview, check the video above, and hit the Official Site for more info.

The Police - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (Only Drums)

Stewart Copeland is an icon on the drums, so when we discovered this Drum Only version of the Police's "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic" class was officially in session. If you listen closely, you'll hear a lot more delay and time based effects going on than what's apparent in the final mixdown. Truly ahead of its time stuff!

Introducing the Waves BSS DPR-402 Compressor / Limiter / De-Esser Plugin

A staple piece of gear born out of the UK in the 80s, the BBS DPR-402 from Brooke Siren Systems was known for it's flexibility, color, and ease of use in live situations. Live drum sounds and amplified recordings tend to sit well in the compressor and limiter, even with errant peaks, and as such, many live rooms used it as a workhouse for taming levels. The plugin version takes advantage of the digital domain's flexibility, adding a MS Matrix, Mix Control and Noise Control.

The BSS DPR-402 can be used as a straightforward compressor, limiter or de-esser. But it really shows its colors when these processes are combined, and when it is used to selectively process individual parts of the audio band, leaving the rest of the spectrum untouched. The endless possibilities range from low-frequency expansion and narrow-band compression to general dynamic equalization to create surprising enhancement effects.

To read more about the BSS DPR-402, visit Waves Audio. Engineers looking for sessions to practice on should check out our Multitrack Drums.

March 25, 2016 by Cliff Callender

Serato DJ updates to 1.9. Integrates Pulselocker Streaming Music Service

Unlimited Streaming and downloads for up to 44 million tracks is now available in Serato DJ 1.9 with Pulselocker, a revamped online music service for DJs. Pulselocker is unique as it’s not only a full streaming service but allows unlimited downloads and offline storage for DJs to hold Pulselocker music and play it back, without being connected to the internet. With a library of around 44 million tracks from nearly 500,000 labels as well as public performance rights, Pulselocker is a great option for DJs wanting flexibility in their music.

As well as Pulselocker support, Serato DJ 1.9 also includes a number of important stability updates and changes for all Serato DJs - including tempo matching display option, returning by popular demand. You can read more about these in the Serato DJ 1.9 release notes.



  • Easily manage your Pulselocker account within Serato DJ.
  • Access your Pulselocker music and playlists on any computer by logging in through Serato DJ.
  • Display Pulselocker music and playlists in Serato DJ.
  • Store an unlimited number of Pulselocker tracks offline and make these available for playback when not connected to the internet.
  • Manage your Pulselocker library and store files for offline use without leaving Serato DJ.
  • Use the standard Serato DJ search bar to search both music in your local library AND from the Pulselocker catalogue.
  • Load and play Pulselocker music from playlists or search results to Serato DJ Virtual Decks.
  • Tracks will cache the first 30 seconds as quickly as possible for fast auditioning on the go.
  • Easily see the status of Pulselocker music in the Serato DJ library with new status column icons identifying streaming, pending or stored music.
  • Music is downloaded at 320kbps unless provided at lower quality (256kbps) by the label.
  • Track Metadata is stored locally for played streaming tracks and analyzed offline music.

Visit our online shop if you're looking for looking for samples and FX for remixes and sets!


Focusrite unveils the new Red 4Pre

Over the years Focusrite has captured a supportive fan base of producers and DJs thanks to their high quality interfaces at multiple price points. The latest addition to the family, the Red 4Pre looks to cater to musicians and engineers looking for a high end solution with lots of connectivity and low latency monitoring perfect as a high quality solution for recording on the road and in the studio.

The 58-in/64-out Red 4Pre includes Thunderbolt 2 connectivity for ridiculously low round-trip latency regardless of DAW.  You can also drop the Red 4Pre immediately, directly and seamlessly into any Pro Tools | HD system, or use it with existing Avid® interfaces, thanks to its twin DigiLink™ connectors. Dual Thunderbolt 2 ports allow daisy-chaining of additional components such as hard drives and displays. Plus the Red 4Pre is network audio enabled right out of the box, with dual Ethernet ports for Dante audio-over-IP networking, letting you expand your recording capability over Ethernet for up to 64 additional channels anywhere on your network, with low latency – and lower cost. Additional Red or other Dante-compatible components can be connected to the Ethernet ports of the Red 4Pre to provide additional channels irrespective of the interface used to drive the Red 4Pre.

For more information, check out the video below or visit Focusrite online. For continued product news, visit our blog.


Is Blocs Wave for iOS the Touchscreen Sampler of the Future?

Blocs Wave is a new iOS app that lets you import, record, play, and layer up to 8 loops at a time. You can change loop sizes and shift the start points around, allowing you to capture rough ideas and then tweak them on the fly for some often experimental but useable results. In addition to realtime recording, you can also import through Audiocopy or Audioshare, so it can be used to play and tweak our loops alongside sounds from your favorite apps or hardware recordings! Check the video above to watch performer Toby Gale give the app a test drive.

For more info click here or check out the overview videos on Youtube.