The Loop Loft Announces Acquisition of SessionLoops, Developer of DVF1 Simon Phillips Drum Loop Library


Rapidly growing music content developer adds the masterful rock drumming of Simon Philips to its range

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. (February 26, 2013) – The Loop Loft, developer of the world’s most musical loop collections, announces that it has completed acquisition of premium drum loop developer, SessionLoops. The addition of SessionLoops to The Loop Loft’s array of song-building content recorded by A-list musicians brings the innovative, aggressive playing of drummer Simon Phillips into the fold.

SessionLoops is best known as the developer of DVF1, a broad-ranging collection of rock drum loops recorded by master drummer Simon Phillips that enable anyone to build rock songs. Producers can employ Phillips’s grooves, which include parts inspired by some of rock’s greatest moments, from AC/DC to Led Zeppelin to ZZ Top –– all recorded live at Woodcliff Studios in Los Angeles. Simon Philips, whose drumming career highlights include stints with Jeff Beck, Pete Townshend, Gil Evans, Stanley Clark, Frank Zappa, Peter Gabriel, Joe Satriani, Mick Jagger, Toto and The Who, is also an accomplished recording engineer and producer. 

Simon Phillips
Simon Phillips

“We are thrilled to bring SessionLoops and Simon Phillips’ one-of-a-kind playing into The Loop Loft,” said Ryan Gruss, Founder and CEO, The Loop Loft. “There is no substitute for a great drummer, and there are few greater than Simon Phillips. People are going to love these grooves.”

Music producers can build their songs with SessionLoops DVF1 as stereo tracks in ACID® WAV, Apple® Loops and REX2 formats. For more control, and to create custom drum mixes, producers can also purchase DVF1 in multi-track format, enabling them to add effects and EQ to the individual drum tracks. Like all of The Loop Loft’s content, DVF1 can be used in virtually any DAW, recording or performance software, including Pro Tools®, Ableton™ Live, Reason™ and GarageBand®. For more information on The Loop Loft, please visit

Led Zeppelin is a trademark of John Baldwin. ZZ Top is a trademark of Billy 'F' Gibbons, Joe Michael Hill and Frank Lee Beard. ACID is a registered trademark of Sony Creative Software. Pro Tools is a registered trademark of Avid Technology Inc. Ableton is a trademark of Ableton AG. Apple and GarageBand are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. Reason, ReFill and REX2 are trademarks of Propellerhead Software AB. Stylus RMX is a trademark of Spectrasonics.

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  • I purchased the Simon Phillips for Pro Tools from The Loop Loft two weeks ago. I downloaded and extracted the file but can’t drag it into Pro Tools as shown in the video. I must be missing something easy….I have Emailed The Loop Loft 3 times by reply from the Email they sent me when purchased. NO RESPONCE!!!! On the website they don’t seem to have support or any other way to contact them. Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.

    Michael Owens on

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