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We're proud to announce our first Ableton Live Pack - "The Art of Brushes".  Taking one of our most popular collections of loops and samples, we meticulously customized every aspect to integrate seamlessly inside of Ableton Live.  We produced a complete series of Live Sessions that will instantly get you up and running with a variety of drum grooves and fills.  We also supplied hundreds of clips, giving you endless options of loops and transitions.  The drums racks consist of samples taken directly from the loop sessions, providing the ability to create your own beats from scratch or utilize MIDI grooves, while keeping the sonic characteristics consistent with the original loops. 

With styles ranging from funk, jazz, folk, ambient and rock, The Art of Brushes Live Pack will provide you with the grooves, sounds, flexibility and inspiration you need to push the envelope inside of Ableton. 

Live Pack Specs: 

- 205 Clips 
- 4 Drum Racks
- 8 Live Sessions
- 259 Samples
- High Quality, 24-bit 48 khz Audio 
- File size: 243 MB

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  • Yeah, I’ve been playing with this pack, too. I was able to nip some nice one0-shots out of loops and crtaee a drum rack with my own stuff. Feeling pret-ty smug that I could figure out how to do that on my own. LOL

    Evgeniya on
  • There could be a number of rneaoss why you arent gettin MIDI to the Instrument. Is your Keyboard set up correctly? Are your MIDI inputs for your track set up to receive MIDI from your keyboard? Did you arm the track? Id suggest digging into Live’s Manual and check out the MIDI prefereences section, the Track Inputs and outputs section and the Mixer section.Michael

    Alia on

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