New Reason 5 ReFill - The Art of Brushes

The Art of Brushes is a collection of customized Dr Octo Rex, Kong and ReDrum patches for Reason 5.  Combining the warmth and timbre of vintage drums and hand-hammered cymbals, this collection explores the sonic landscapes and grooves that are unique to fine brush performances.  NOTE - No sticks were harmed (or even used) during the recording of this ReFill.


- 238 REX2 Loops 
- 26 Dr Octo Rex Patches 
- 4 Kong Patches 
- 5 ReDrum Patches 
- High Quality, 24-bit 48 khz Audio 
- File size: 172 MB

Check out more info and screenshots about the ReFill here

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November 05, 2010 by Ryan Gruss
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