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July 12, 2016 by Ryan Gruss
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Carl Franchuk

Carl Franchuk said:

i guess i should as i used most of these back in the day as i am 61 years old and still Dj’ing and producing


Chris said:

Fun quiz, Sorta. difficult, out in left field questions though. would be nice to know which ones I got right and wrong. maybe even see the answers afterwards… ho hum.


Keith said:

I agree with Chris, knowing correct answers would be nice. Cheers

Edward Goforth

Edward Goforth said:

What answers did I answer wrong?



Nice, BOYRAZAK, that’s 9/12 answers right!
Your prize is the knowledge that you probably know the most obscure audio production facts out of anyone in the room. Especially if you’re alone. Then you definitely do.


Tiberius said:

I f..k up 3/12 ?


robert said:

5/12 ain’t bad could be a new song title, or perhaps something you can give to an old loaf.


Scotty said:

Google gave me 10/12 … Was a fun exercise. I’ve based my studio around midi since the mid 80’s… It’s come a long way, that’s for sure!

Bob White

Bob White said:

Never played any ROCK when all that was being done, just big band and small Jazz combo’s, wasn’t in studio when Sinatra recorded so don’t know what type mics he used.


Ross said:

BUnch of shit


D said:

I got 7/12 right LOL


J said:

More like music production history trivia… not very many questions based on actual music production skills.


gregory said:

this is dumb. stupid boring. who cares. i didnt do very well.

Philip Jefferies

Philip Jefferies said:

I am the creator of the image on this site quiz!! not the original image (of course) of Albert Einstein. But I’m the creator of the image with the “ADDED” headphones… I Photoshopped it…. I have the working files to prove it. I use the art for MY BAND.. this dilutes my brand!!. Plus, I sell that artwork on my website.. NO ONE fromLoop Loft contacted me to ask for permission to use my imagery!? please remove that photo… consider this a polite “cease-and-desist”..

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