Can You Keep Perfect Time? Take This Test And Find Out!

Wondering how good your time is?  Can you lock in with a beat and hold it steady?  Take the test below and find out if you're a human metronome or a bass player's worst nightmare.  

July 25, 2015 by Ryan Gruss
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Sammie said:

Maybe there is some issue going on, because all I heard was a kick drum and no backing tracks at all! Did anyone else hear any backing tracks?

1:00AM project

1:00AM project said:

801 with the “Enter” key. 823 with the “Enter” key by the number-pad. 831 with the “+” key. It’s a fricken computer keyboard – let’s not take it too seriously :) Kinda fun though.


AttractiveNuisance said:

They picked Meg White as “or that”?!?!? WTF? She may not be full of drum fills, but she is one of the best drummers out there for this test.


DP said:

I got 825

Simon Faust

Simon Faust said:

919 Interesting…hard to do with computer keyboard


Dominik said:

863 score!

JDD Drummer

JDD Drummer said:

I averaged 890… did it three times… 880, 900 and 890…


sara said:

924 with my right hand, 919 with my left. Am a violinist.


jimmy said:

933 not bad :-)


Chris said:

Given the fact that I got a 36 (translating into 964), with all beats that were slow were of the same timing, I would have to contribute it to latency of the computer. Bass player, the band used to use me for the metronome.


Pete said:

112? grr..

Kevan Staples

Kevan Staples said:

989 but I closed my eyes. I believe the graphics are a distraction

Kevan Staples

Kevan Staples said:

Typo…meant 889

Max Korn

Max Korn said:

To the idiot who said why Lars should be there instead of Meg, I have seen the white stripes live and they completely suck. Lars cant keep time? Bullshit, anyone who says that hasnt seen Metallica live. Meg on the other hand is a talentless hack who couldnt put a decent groove beat together. Moron.


Bassist said:

883. Not good enough for me.

Bad Guitar

Bad Guitar said:

Always coming to early….


chris said:

998. No one would ever lie about their score.


Alan said:

I got 1026

Russell Grigaitis

Russell Grigaitis said:

It appears that this app measures if you are on the beat, ahead of the beat, or behind the beat. Given that it has a picture of John Bonham, if you are constantly behind the beat, you’re doing it correctly. (I’m not particularly very current. Who’s Meg White? Is she any relation to Alan White?) Now if it had picture Jeff Porcaro, you would have to be constantly ahead of the beat. This has nothing to do with keeping perfect tempo, but what style of music and what feel you want to give. As for me, I was constantly way behind the beat in the style of John Bonham since that’s what I prefer. I did it again in the style of Jeff Porcaro, and I guess I”m out of practice, and I did not too bad right on the beat. I did have a bandleader tell be to play like Jeff Porcaro once, and he was happy with my compliance, but I much prefer to be way, way behind the beat! I’m just letting you know about this before you take this test and become concerned that you may not have perfect time. Playing on the beat is perhaps a bit boring in my opinion and has noting to do with perfect tempo, which doesn’t appear to be what is really being measured. Perhaps they should have had a drummer write this app rather than just a computer programmer. I happened to be both.


Jim said:

Just take the test. The object is to be on the beat. If you aren’t (and most people would do really well to get 800) then don’t complain that it’s ‘boring’ to be on the beat and somehow it’s more cool to be late and call it ‘behind the beat’. So many people talking nonsense about what’s right. This test is about playing on the beat. Don’t argue with the test and claim that you’re channeling your inner Porcaro by being late!


Rob said:

924 – not bad at all.


thomas said:

to be more meaningful, the results should be on a timeline of milliseconds. less than about 100ms off would hardly be perceptible. and using a drum stick on my touchpad damned near ruined it.


Bjorn said:

950…and I am the bassplayer. ;-)

Arturo V

Arturo V said:

917 the fourth time.Bass player and home recording musician.


Aaron said:

956 after many many tries.

Glenn Rueger

Glenn Rueger said:

Still loading … I figure I’m probably past the verses and into the pre-chorus.


Marty said:

Well I’m a drummer of 40 yrs and I managed 927 BUT guess what it actually speeds up from my click track which I not use anymore anyway. I would like to have heard it actually stop for a full 4 beat count then start again. Be interesting to see what the results would be then? reason so many drummers do a fill then come back in off the time or the beat. Anyway it was fun to check myself after all these years.

Demo Crat

Demo Crat said:

I scored 1006. But hey! I’m an Obama voter!


Steven said:

I refer you to the movie ‘Whiplash’.


MIKE said:

The sound didnt work on chrome at all and i only had a kick drum on safari so that’s good


Mike said:

893, 898,901…bass player


graig said:

7432 but I guess I am a bassist


gilbert said:



Richi said:

897, I’m a Keyboard & Bass Player, it’s a nice toy.


Chris said:

I’m getting progressively more out of time the more I do it. Just like when I used to play live!


gerg said:

1000.. first try.


Rudy said:

901 left hand, 898 right hand. I am right handed. Used a keyboard space bar. I play music on the guitar, bass, and piano. I am a vocalist. I play the drums for practice. This information is just for comparison. I hope to find out how this compares to others who tested (musician vs non-musician data) Please don’t think it a brag.


Len said:



Max said:

919…guitarist. My daughter scored an 890 so being the hot-blooded mucho machismo that I am, I had to better it. Sorry, sweetie.


thebestdrummer said:

1000 first try and Im only 8 years old… don’t believe me? as I don’t believe anybody else here posting their scores, but try to prove anyone wrong …right?


Len said:

took this test several time with the same exact score every time……50 I am a multi instrument player, drums being one of them. I would say the rest of you ar lying about your score.

DJ Topcat

DJ Topcat said:

I’ve been playing drums since I was a kid. Tapping a keyboard is not a good timing test. Latency etc skews the results.

As far as the pics, John Bonham actually had terrible timing, especially when he was drunk (often) never used a click track or metronome, but that didn’t matter because he was fundamentally sound, and had excellent feel. That’s why he’s the greatest rock drummer of all time. Buddy Rich is still the drummer God.

Meg White plays in time, but the most basic patterns which fit the White Stripes style. I’ve seen far worse. Larsie is an egotistical asshole, but can play. Just highly overrated. :)


Norm said:

First try: 801
Second attempt: 901

If you like to stereotype, not bad for a banjo picker!


Ron said:

What did you use to tap with? The quality of your equipment and inet connection play a bigger part in this than your ability to keep time.


billemac said:

i’m a drummer , I got 887, lol to the guy that got 50 every time lol look at the top of the page after you finish the test… lol…


cowbite said:

Larsie can’t even play his signature songs anymore.
Look up some of the old songs but played live in the last 5 years. HOLY crap. He barely tries anymore.


d!ckMane said:

accomodate the give of the keyboard the same way you accomodate the give of your instrument buttons, holes, or drum sticks / skins …


Adamgentry said:

Josh sucks at keeping tempo.

Alexander bunch

Alexander bunch said:

Never mind the score we all took the test because of the girl with nice tots. said:

she is hot and he is not

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